Dating robertsbridge

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Dating robertsbridge

There are a handful of Inns and Bed & Breakfast's in the village, offering mid-range homely accommodation.The Seven Stars Inn is said to be one of the most haunted pubs in Britain.The main timbers were meant to be seen and elaborate designs often appeared.The closer the studding, the more timber required and the better the building quality and the more expensive.A careful examination of the surviving buildings will often reveal the carpenters marks showing which pieces go together.

They were then erected on site and jointed together.The village of Robertsbridge lies in the parish of Salehurst and Robertsbridge in East Sussex, and the River Rother flows through it.A market charter was granted to Robertsbridge in the 13th century and the town prospered, and grew as shown by the number of surviving timber framed houses, the oldest dating back to 1390.The earliest house dates from c.1390 and is now divided into 4 cottages - 1-4 Fair Lane.There seemed to be a particular period of new building during the early 1400's and perhaps this is due to a disastrous fire which broke out on September 8th 1413 when the village was struck by lightning.

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centuries but gradualy, as bricks became more available, timber-framing was seen as old fashioned and shunned by the well-to-do.