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Whether you are a young starry-eyed Utopian or have been around the eastern bloc for a while, everyone can benefit from these tips and guidelines for safe dictator-dating procedures.

Nordstrom stores - among others - recently stopped carrying Ivanka Trump's wares.

As they contemplate their future and the part they will play in the first wizarding war, Severus Snape enters the bar in the hopes of seeing his former friend Lily Evans one last time.

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They claim that this decision is not at all politically motivated, but strictly a result of lagging sales.

Nordstrom swears their Ivanka Trump dump has nothing to do with a boycott campaign waged by a random marketing consultant, under the hashtag #Grab Your Wallet.

Included on the list of things to smash are gender fascism, sexist fascism, racist fascism, homo-fascism, hetero-fascism, bi-fascism, trans-fascism, adult fascism, and parental fascism. MORE Hooters announced today that they are preparing to hire 10,000 Muslim refugee women in a show of support to the immigrant community and in a display of solidarity with other American companies that have offered similar support.This is a SSHG fic with some other potential parings. Hermione returns to Grimmauld Place, looking for answers. Her research causes an unexpected twist, which requires the assistance of a certain jaded war hero whose memory has haunted her. When tragedy occurs, Severus is given the opportunity to look back and see exactly how things have been for his young wife. - The Fab 5 have come to Hogwarts to give Snape a much needed makeover. What will happen when Hermione develops a crush on our Potions Master, and he fights the urge to return his feelings? Snape was cursed with ugliness when he refused shelter to an old woman, and his condition can only heal with requited love. What happens when she needs his undivide Hermione Granger is a lawyer for the Ministry of Magic. Will Harry, Ron, and Hermione live to regret this prank? An unexpected request from a certain former potions professor sends her on a journey of discovery, love, and pain. Now when you apply to get, renew or replace a photo card at a temporary motor registry or Service NSW service centre, it will be posted to you at no extra cost, generally within 10 working days.This new process applies to: Renewal notices are mailed generally within 6 weeks of the card's expiry date.

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AU to HBP, Hermione finds out that she is not the Granger's daughter. RUNNER UP, Qt P Round 2: Trio Era & 2006 OWL AWARDS: Best HGSS, Best Original Character. It is the end of the 7th Hermione is overcome by a strange illness that can be cured by a potion. It opens her eyes to how much of a mystery his character really is.

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