Dating someone who is quitting smoking finbar1263 online dating

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Dating someone who is quitting smoking

I have not smoked a ciggarette in 4 years, 9 months and 4 days! Now I wonder how I managed with that lil thing stuck to my lips all the time....

I'm so jittery from the pills that last night I dropped my dinner. I couldn't wait to get into bed ..I could have more dreams.sure oh sis in law... haha) I found one of the things that was most beneficial for me was to change my habits. Instead of grabbing a ciggy after a meal - get up right away and clean the table Ciggy with coffee in the morning - change to tea for a while or nothing caffeinated Ciggy while driving - pop in a piece of gum and crank the tunes I also cleaned my apartment from top to bottom to get rid of the smell.

I'm interested to know what you former smokers out there did during the quitting process to help you. I smoked the remaining packages of cigarettes that I had in my house (those cigarettes were calling my name! Your friend or family member could do with your help if they are to become a nonsmoker.But you have to offer real assistance, rather than nagging, preaching, smugness or criticism.From the perspective of a non-smoker, one of the biggest issues for me is I would never be able to commit to a smoker.There can be attraction on many levels but as someone who as a kid had to put up with constant chain smoking neighbors whose smoke got through the thin walls and vents I never got used to it.

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Other times I’ve discovered they are smokers by tasting the ash in their mouth on a kiss – which was really an unpleasant surprise.