Intimidating voters

Posted by / 16-Apr-2016 19:10

It also applies to close Trump adviser Roger Stone, who has organized poll-watching activities, and the “officers, agents, servants, and employees” of Trump and Stone.

Voter fraud has been a popular theme among Republicans this year, from Trump to state Republican leaders who cite fraud as a reason to make it more difficult to vote.

This litigation is especially worrisome for the Republican National Committee, which remains bound by a 1982 consent decree requiring judicial oversight of any “ballot security” measures.

Several people, who asked to remain anonymous, have contacted RFE/RL and claimed to have received pressure from ruling party members about their vote.

They told RFE/RL that National Movement supporters have visited families and asked which party people will be voting for in the May 30 local elections.

Gwin, who presides over the Northern District of Ohio, cited recent comments by Trump campaign surrogates suggesting that supporters should engage in “ballot security,” although he instructed both Democrats and Republicans to refrain from intimidating voters.

District Judge James Gwin issued a restraining order barring the Trump campaign and Roger Stone from engaging in “harassing or intimidating conduct” at the polls.

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They said if the ruling party activists hear that people may be voting for the opposition than they have threatened to pass that information on to their headquarters, which the activists said could "cause some problems" for them.

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