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Mike james dating single gardnerville

America is celebrating this year the 241st anniversary of the date from which we measure our birth as a nation: July 4, 1776.It was on that day — more than a year after war had begun between the colonies and Great Britain — the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence, a document listing numerous grievances against the British Crown, and concluding henceforth the 13 states would, and by rights should be, a single nation of 13 colonies independent of British rule and based on a conception of individual liberty.How could it be otherwise if the citizens of the new nation believed an individual's skills and accomplishments were his measure, not his breeding?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles County and I remember vividly my family's annual trek to Yosemite for two weeks of camping in Curry Village's "housekeeping" camps.

In summer of 1951 my mom worked as a housekeeper at Camp Curry and at night she sang the Indian Love Song.

My mom always marveled at how much my dad must have loved Yosemite because he came up there every weekend....little did she know they would marry in Oct of 1951.

Posted on | August 12, 2010 | 117 Comments That got your attention, didn’t it? Quite delightfully, black women who are married to or dating white men provided the most lovely, heartfelt and wonderful testimonies and feedback.

Apparently, my old, old post Why White Men are a Better Choice was interpreted (by the mentally handicapped and functionally illiterate) as a plea for black women everywhere to sex it up with all the nearest and available white men. Will everyone please help make me a multimillionaire? Nearly all of them wanted or had a husband, nearly each and every one of them was reasonably happy with a man, who happened to be white, who treated them with respect, love, devotion, and protection (emotional and financial). If they keep coming back for more, maybe I’m doing something right?

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From 1965 until the very last time that the fires fell (1968 seems right) I remember hearing the back and forth calls from the campgrounds to Glacier Point ending with "let the fires fall! Each year I dreamed of escaping the city to live in Yosemite.

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