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'I did, however, tell a friend the other day and she looked very surprised and said 'Oh really? But, at this stage in my life, I do wonder if my desire to meet a man is less about the sex and more about wanting to share something with somebody else - I'd love to wake up in the arms of someone who cares about me.Most of the 'nice men' Susan has met over the past 17 years were already committed and, although she has been propositioned by a couple of them, she wants more than just sex and is too moral to contemplate an affair with a married man.

At least she is until I glance to Moroni's right, and see the second woman who is trying to placate him.Temple - in her late 20s - is Moroni's 'other' wife.These two women share their lives, their home and their beds with the same husband, bound together by their polygamist marriages.For decades, the domestic lives of American polygamists have remained secretive and closely guarded.But for a new TV documentary, presenter Dawn Porter was given access to two polygamous families, who both sought to present rose-tinted images of harmonious, contented communities.

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" He then put his head in his hands, pretending to be horrified at the slip.

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